If you have aches and pains - this is the session to book. Warmed stones, infused oils and years of intuitive experience adds up to a "personalised just for you" experience.

Stress Relief Massage may include remedial massage, myofascial release, cranio-sacral balance or reflexology techniques.
(You may opt for no essential oils or stones).

Regular session (focus on pain relief locations) - $90
Extra half hour (full body) add $30
Extra hour (full body plus mini facial or foot reflexology) add $70

Qualification: Diploma of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is claimable on some health funds – check your fund inclusions.

A complete escape from the world and daily stresses. Gentle muscle release and energy cleanse is the essence of a relaxation massage.

Warm body butter, gentle effleurage and hot aromatic towels complete your escape from the world.

Regular session - $90
Extra half hour (full body and soul) add $30
Extra hour (full body plus mini facial or foot reflexology) add $70

Qualifications: Diploma of Aromatherapy Massage, Certificate Hot Stone Massage

This is a specialist massage technique designed to increase lymphatic fluid flow, clear lymph nodes and to instil overall relaxation.

For those in cancer recovery mode, or palliative patients, this is ideal for a sense of deep caring and often pain relief.

The length of time can be built up as the patient begins to recover from their surgery or just to keep lymphatic flow healthy as time progresses.

Regular session 40 minutes - $70

Qualification: Certificates 1 and 2 Oncology Massage

After surgery, healthy lymphatic fluid flow is crucial for rapid repair and overall health.

The lymphatic fluid carries the fighter cells that keep you free from illness and assist your body to heal. Lymphatic fluid can pool in the limbs causing a sense of fullness or even visible swelling.

This massage is extremely gentle and deeply relaxing. It is also beneficial for pre or post long distance flights when feet and legs can swell or ache.

Regular session 60 mins - $90

Qualification: Diploma Manual Lymphatic Drainage