Our bodies contain the ghosts of our past. The joy, laughter and happy memories as well as the emotional shocks and physical pains we were not strong enough to fully experience way back then.

The energy space surrounding our bodies contains a blueprint of whom we were born to be, and possibly not yet realised.

When our energetic blue print matches our physical body, life hums along smoothly and problems are easily resolved or accepted as learning moments. When there is no match we experience relationship break-downs, toxic friendships, destructive romances and dissonance in business and personal spheres.

Dynamic Healing takes you through the locked in experiences to see them, experience what was put on hold long ago and then completely release them from all of you.

The only way to fully live is to match both the quantum and the physical world. Dynamic Healing creates the space to rid you of past agreements and stored toxicity for a more relaxed and flowing lifestyle with balance across all areas of your life.

First session 90 mins - $150
Follow up sessions 60 mins - $100
Pre-purchased set of six sessions within 4 months - $550

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Qualifications: Certificate Counselling, Diploma Life Coaching, Reiki Master, 20 years of energy healing