Reflexology includes a warm foot bath in magnesium salts, relaxing oils and warmed towels. This is followed by a shea butter massage and pressure point techniques to your lower legs, ankles and feet.

Reflexology releases the twists and torsions in your fascia, clears meridian energy congestion, locates energy cysts and relaxes muscles.

It is a trusted pain relief tool and very relaxing. Great for joint pain, digestive upsets, congestion in bowels and post-surgery for faster repair.

Regular session 60 mins - $90
Add to any massage 30 mins - $30

To pay your $50 non-refundable deposit, click below.

Qualification: Diploma Reflexology

A combination of facial Reflexology, Indian face massage and Vietnamese pressure point therapy.

Puts you into a deep trancelike state while relaxing facial lines, reducing puffiness and enervating the organs and tissues through encouraging smooth energy flow in the meridian lines of the body.

You will leave feeling revitalised and renewed. All products used are gentle nature based and organic where possible.

Regular session 70 mins - $130

To pay your $50 non-refundable deposit, click below.

Qualifications: Diploma Facial Reflexology, Certificate Japanese Cosmo Facials